Military Dog Becomes Trending News

President Trump highlights the labor of a working dog

Military Dog - Declassified photo - Special Operations

In our section Working Like A Dog, we praise the valuable contribution that working dogs have made as an integral part of working teams, as well as of our society at large.

K9 Malinois - Hero dog

In our post about military dogs, we discuss their roles, as well as the most common breeds and their traits, with the most popular one being Belgian Malinois.

On October 28, 2019, yet another Belgian Malinois was put in the spotlight on social media as well as numerous media and news outlets all over the world. This canine hero gained popularity thanks to President Donald J. Trump, who published the pooch’s photo on his personal Twitter account.

The president presented this Belgian Malinois as a dog who was involved in the mission that lead to the capture and death of the leader of ISIS, one of the most wanted terrorists worldwide.

President Trump added that the K9 is part of a Special Forces team and whose name remains classified. Some media outlets informed that the dog was injured in action.

The photo was promptly circulated all over social media, and it was flooded with “thank you” comments and wishes for a quick recovery to this brave dog.

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the value and courage of working dogs that leave their Pawprints in Time.

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Military Dog - Declassified photo - Special Operations

Military Dog Becomes Trending News

In our section Working Like A Dog, we praise the valuable contribution that working dogs have made as an integral ...
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