Dog Lovers Wanted

Soft Skills, A Bridge To A Better Future?

Dog lovers wanted

If you love animals, you should know that you are in demand! Yes, because you are amongst those who possess the main qualifications required for a successful career in the pet industry.

Regardless of whether you want to work for a company, an organization, or be your own boss, this trait makes you a valuable asset to any pet-related project, no matter what your experience, age, or technical preparation is.

Dog lover wanted job listing

Nowadays, we often find job openings and career opportunities that shift the spotlight towards ”loving animals” as a increasingly important or required skill. Indeed, soft skills such as work ethic, teamwork, leaning ability, and positivity stand out more and more in a resume or cv. A real-world example of this, is the job offer pictured above, where a company posted an ad seeking a “Dog Lover” on one of the most popular job search engines in North America.

Soft Skills, A Bridge To The Future?

The skills that focus on emotional abilities as well as personal attributes are crucial for success in the work environment of the future. As so many companies currently struggle with employee retention, this trend showcases how recruiters are beginning to value principles as much as technical skills and formal qualifications, in an effort to attract and keep top talent.

Beyond traditional technical qualifications, an empathetic person with good interpersonal skills has the ability to foster positive relationships and interact with others in a kind and effective way. The ability to create positive and lasting relationships contributes to customer retention as well as to create a harmonious work environment.

Woman kissing Beagle dog


Dog’s nature is unique They embody true forgiveness and the love needed to create, develop, and maintain lasting relationships. They demonstrate that values such as loyalty, kindness, and love are essential in this world and we, humans, sometimes need a dog to remind us about it.

Top 10 Reasons To Adopt A Dog

We have always expressed that dogs are often a good reminder of essential human values. They embody the love needed to make this world a better place, and they teach us that loyalty and kindness are vital for building and maintaining relationships. Perhaps, we are finally beginning to recognize and understand it.

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