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How to overcome tough times and emerge stronger than before

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Throughout history, mankind has learned from adversity and developed ways of overcoming obstacles in order to grow and survive. Along the way, dogs were always there to help. Since then, they are willing to learn all the time, show appreciation, and teach us how to stay positive in every situation. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is not an exception, so let’s see how dogs had the time of their lives despite the crisis.

Tough times help us develop our consciousness and appreciate things that we used to take for granted. It has become clear that our loved ones and an Internet connection are essential in modern times’ survival kit. For many of us, the former category includes at least one dog.

Why Dogs Are Essential

Dogs are smart, grateful, always eager to help, and provide us with affection. On top of that, they are great teachers, as we can learn from their virtues and innate knowledge.

Nature is a valuable source of knowledge for all living beings, including humans. Each species’ set of skills was acquired through interaction with other species and the environment. The abilities that nature endowed dogs with not only helped them survive, but also become man’s best friend.

Our interactions with our pets are, in a way, an unconscious bridge to the animal kingdom. So, by examining dogs’ traits a bit more closely, humans can better connect with nature and their innate instincts, and gain a deeper understanding of how to live a more meaningful and happier life.

There are plenty of examples of the benefits of the human-canine bond; a recent one is the advantages of having a dog during a global pandemic. Pet parents had the reason and, in some instances, the perfect excuse to go on outdoor escapades and get some fresh air.

The simple routine that allows dog owners to exercise and socialize daily, was source of distraction and companionship like never before. It not only helped reduce boredom during the shutdown, but also manage stress for those living in solitude as well as those who had to coexist with family members or roommates in small spaces. Dogs have also been a lifeline for people suffering from autism, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

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Dogs Are Always Eager To Show Their Love & Appreciation

A global pandemic has certainly brought uncertainty to individuals almost everywhere across the world. However, dogs have been able to thrive in these circumstances.

Why? Because for the first time in a long while, they can bask in their human’s company 24/7. Generally, our “normal lifestyle” make us spend most of our time out of the house. We only share few hours with our loved ones, usually at the time of day, when tiredness sets in.

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Dogs, who are masters of appreciation and specialize in overly excited greetings, have had to suspend this activity. They have, however, kept busy by doing extra hours of lap time during study time or the work day. Moreover, they have even had the rare opportunity to fetch the ball all day long and enjoy soaking up the sun with their humans during weekdays.

Maybe we can follow our dogs’ cue and take advantage of slower-paced times to enjoy being at home and the company of our loved ones. Why not take the opportunity to rethink the way we manage our time to achieve a better and healthier work-life balance?

Dogs Love To Learn New Things

Dogs are amongst the smartest animals, but what kept them working alongside humans throughout history was certainly their constant interest in learning. They are able to acquire new skills, collaborate, and use their reasoning power to take decisions. They can perform a broad spectrum of tasks that range from shepherds to guide dogs.

We have always learned from nature and consciously developed ways to use that knowledge to survive.

We acquire information from natural facts and store them following a consistent and relevant order. This database of facts is at the foundation of a natural logic system that we use to predicts results. It is a mechanism that allow us to be prepared and act accordingly, like in survival situations, using common sense.

Regardless of their age or breed, dogs can always be trained and will learn even faster when exposed to different experiences that provide their brains with stimulation. Dogs are what we usually call lifelong learners. Acquiring new skills is dogs’ natural way of being prepared, thus increasing their chances of survival.

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Interest, passions, and hobbies often align with our natural gifts or abilities, and are good starting points for learning through experience.

Education and lifestyle are not a one-size-fits-all. Learning what interests us, at the pace and in the environment that we are most comfortable in, is the most effective and efficient way to not only guarantee our survival, but achieve self-growth, and reach self-realization.

Doing what we love is a healthy way of overcoming tough times. There are plenty of stories of people who were able to turn crisis into opportunities to reach their full potential. It is possible to live happier, more meaningful lives by making a living from our hobbies, building a career out of our passions, or simply planning for a future working from home, if we developed a taste for it.

Dogs Have And Adventurous Spirit 

What makes them the perfect companion for almost every activity is the fact that they are always willing to go on adventures and have a good time. Instead of experiencing fear, they never doubt or feel unsafe, no matter how risky the situation may be they just spring to action.

Dogs’ intelligent behavior is nourished by their ability to interact with both human and animals, serving as a bridge that connects our awareness to the rest of the natural world.

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Staying at home recommendations bridged the gap between technophobic and tech-savvy people, making all of us conscious about the place that technology should have in our lives. Cellphones, computers, and tablets were invaluable tools during the pandemic, but technology cannot replace human interaction. We cannot replace the positive effects of a hug with videoconferences.

Our brain and heart needs interactions for optimal performance. Getting together with friends and family, taking care of our pets, or doing business are essential for life enrichment and our well-being.

As emotional intelligent beings, we care for others, so we understand the risks that a contagious disease could mean for the most vulnerable. However, this past experience showed that the decision to stop all human activities to stay safe has damaged the health of millions of people, both directly and indirectly. The experts who drew the line between essential and non-essential activities forgot to consider the health of those whose livelihoods were jeopardized by this decision.

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No matter how difficult the situation or how profound its impact, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unleash the power of our creativity, be prepared for success, take risks, and choose freedom over the illusion of safety. And, of course, hug our dog a little tighter.

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