5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Calm When Hosting A Party

Manage your dog's anxiety

Dog anxiety

Celebratory events are meant to be a time of fun filled with music, laughter and chatter. However, loud festivities can take an unpleasant turn when they start making your dog anxious. So before you host your next party, you might find these five tips to keep your dog calm very useful. 

Planning in advance is key, so when friends and family gather you can apply these strategies to reduce your dog's anxiety and ensure a good time for everyone. Click To Tweet

Visiting friends, receiving people at our home, or having a holiday party can prove to be hectic situations and consequently result in a stressful time furry members of the family.

Look for options to alleviate your dog's stress and make it through the event without annoying your visitors nor discomforting your dog. Click To Tweet

Remember that many dogs are fearful of strong and loud noises such as music, voices, tableware clatter and specially fireworks that could be part of a celebration. Since fear of these unknown sounds constitute a natural response, some dogs could become traumatized and develop anxiety problems.

Find a comfortable place in the house where you can keep your pets away from the area of the fireworks and loud music. The sound of a TV or some relaxing music can help keep them calm and make them feel safer during celebrations. Click To Tweet

Family gatherings are times to enjoy the company of our loved ones, to make long-lasting memories together, and to strengthen our relationships. Pets are part of the family, so making sure your dog enjoys the celebration as well by being stress-free will create a comfortable atmosphere and promise a good time for everyone.

If you're planning on hosting a group people soon, you might need to be prepared, so we gathered a list of things to remember that will ensure your pet gets to take part in all of the fun without feeling uneasy. Click To Tweet

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5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Calm

1. Have your pet do additional exercise.

Taking your pet for an extra long walk, practice a dog sport or a longer playtime can help them spend excess energy before the event.

2. Ask your guests, including children, to calmly greet your dog as they arrive.

An overly-excited greeting can excite your pet and if done repeatedly, it can significantly rise their energy levels for the duration of the event.

3. Help your dog relax with a supplement.

Calming products can help your pet relieve hyperactivity, restlessness, fear, nervousness and aggression, helping antsy pets remain calm and sleep soundly.


4. Entertain your pet with a toy.

Use toys as a tool to distract your pet from shoving or jumping on guests to get their attention. Your pet’s favorite toy or one with hiding places for treats tend to be the most effective.

5. Reward your dog’s good behavior throughout the event.

Ask your guests to refrain from feeding your pet their food, even if it is meant as a treat, as it may cause your dog to try to jump on them or constantly tug at them to ask for more. Give them their usual treats instead, as a reward for their calm demeanor.

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