Santa’s Furry Little Helper

A Border Collie With A Talent For Christmas-Tree Decorating

Border Collie Dog - Cosmodoggyland
Decorating the house is one of the many ways to greet the Holiday Season. It marks the beginning of one of the most anticipated moments of the year. Whether there is snow outside or not, Christmas is a time to celebrate life, love and family, as well as appreciate everything that we were given.

Putting up the Christmas tree is a way to begin to enjoy the moments to come. It contributes to creating a festive atmosphere, where the memories of childhood are combined with the desires of peace on Earth and a better future for all the beings that inhabit it.

Since dogs are specialists in sensing human emotion, it is to be hoped that for them too, the Holidays are a special time of the year. This Border Collie proves that all family members, including furry ones, can partake in this Christmas tradition.

The Border Collie

Border Collies are a medium-sized, energetic and extremely intelligent dogs. Their active spirit is due to the fact that they were originally working dogs of the Celtic tribes that arrived in the British Isles between the 5th and 1st centuries BC. Subsequent crosses with dogs in the area resulted in the Border Collie breed as it is currently known.

Since they are excellent shepherds with great ability to guide cattle, they need daily exercise, training and activities that keep them entertained. They the perfect match for people with an active lifestyle and a love for the outdoors. They are also very sociable, which makes them ideal pets for families with older children. Border Collies are loving dogs who care and protect their family.

Thanks to their great intelligence and learning ability, they excel in herding, obedience and rally competitions. They enjoy training a lot and like to be the center of attention for it is very common to find them among the winners in competitions and canine sports, such as disco and flyball.

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