Mission, vision & values


We are a dog magazine published simultaneously in English, Spanish and French. We strive to create and publish multimedia content designed to inform, engage, entertain, and inspire our audience.

Driven by our love for our canine friends and inspired by our personal story, we advocate for the appreciation of instincts, virtues, and values as essential elements of success.

Aware of the value of the media as an interactive training and language immersion platform, we work to create content that encourages, supports, and stimulates language learning. We provide a resource for teaching while facilitating immersion and fostering trilingual social interaction and collaboration.

Capitalizing on the power of technology, we offer a participatory communication resource capable of transforming learning and collaborative work into a rewarding experience.

Committed to innovation, we motivate our audience to value talents as well as stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship for their own personal benefit as well as to positively impact society.


Our desire is to project ourselves beyond content creation and publication and positively influence the lives of our readers, followers and collaborators by offering:

  • A channel of communication and a social interaction ecosystem for dog-lovers in Spanish, English and French
  • A space for learning, immersion, and communication beyond language barriers
  • A meeting point and a platform for collaboration for authors, bloggers, professionals, and companies related to the canine world
  • A hub of entrepreneurs, innovators, and designers committed to making a better, more beautiful and, obviously, more dog-friendly world

Everything we do at Cosmodoggyland is based on our deep love and respect for the canine members of the family and on the values that inspire us.


Our values are the faithful reflection of what we believe in.

Respect: through high-quality content, we seek to build a relationship with our audience based on mutual trust.

Uniqueness: our ambitious concept arose as the result of encouraging ourselves to design freely, based on our unique combination of instincts, talents, and values.

Communication: we facilitate foreign language learning and immersion because we believe that the mastery of languages is key to join the workforce of the future.

Dynamic culture: we use technology as a tool for personal development and training as well as fostering creativity, innovation, continuous learning, and collaborative work beyond geographical and cultural constraints.

Teamwork: we are part of a collaborative ecosystem where contributing means putting the best of us at the service of each objective.

Freedom: we believe that the creative and entrepreneurial spirit is the force that drives dreams and ideas to transform reality, create value, and improve quality of life.

Social Responsibility: in accordance with the goal of raising awareness about the value of animals in our lives and societies, we encourage our audience to protect life, create, make and collaborate for a better, more beautiful and, obviously, more dog-friendly world.

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