5 Benefits Of Studying Online If You Want To Work With Animals

Kickstart your dream pet business or career with online education

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Online courses have already proven their value and advantages for acquiring knowledge on different topics, such as language learning and business training. However, up until very recently, many people did not feel confident enough to pursue an online degree, as they considered e-learning to be less effective than traditional education.

Online education is simply an updated version of distance education, which made its first appearance centuries ago as correspondence courses. Distance learning allowed generations of students, particularly those in remote rural areas, the opportunity to further their learning despite geographical barriers while maintaining their obligations to their families and their… Click To Tweet

Since the mid-19th century, when Isaac Pitman started teaching by correspondence, the radio, television, and teleconferencing networks have been used by schools and universities as means of delivering education beyond the physical classroom. It is not a surprise that, with the advent of the Internet, online learning has evolved into a more dynamic tool for training and an alternative to distance education.

Fortunately, today most colleges and universities already have a strong presence online and developed great distance learning programs. However, the strict lockdowns that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic forced educational institutions of all levels to shift to virtual training, including for classes that would have normally been offered strictly in brick-and-mortar school buildings.

3 Key Lessons From The Pandemic

Online training allows students to break down their education into phases and to combine different courses or short-term programs that best first their goals. Some educational offerings, such as those proposed by our Academy, not only give students the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills, but also to apply every concept learned to real-world projects. Those seeking to work with animals, whether it is by pursuing a career in the pet industry or by launching a pet business, can turn each step of their education into a more meaningful and profitable experience.

Why Working With Animals Always Pays Off

5 benefits of pursuing an online education

1) You pay less for tuition.

Online courses and programs are significantly cheaper than traditional, on-campus degrees. Educational institutions often pay high overhead expenses for their facilities, like for example equipment, insurance, rent, property taxes, and other costs associated with owning or leasing real estate. 

Tuition also tends to include fees for services offered on-site that go beyond the class itself, such as campus activities, sports, labs, gym facilities, campus security, dining halls, etc. E-learning academies do not have to face these high real estate and expenditures, so their courses and programs are cheaper and thus, more affordable. 

As online courses can be taken in the comfort of your on home, there are no travel or additional living expenses. All you really need is a computer and an internet connection. Click To Tweet

2) You make your own schedule.

Time is not a constraint when taking online courses, as classes are often pre-recorded so you can stream them whenever you are free. Therefore, you can attend lectures, complete assignments and take exams at your own pace. You are also not forced to follow the educational institution’s pre-established time table. Click To Tweet

When you sign up for an online course or program, you have full control over your schedule, so you have the freedom to make it fit within your work responsibilities and precious family time. As there is no traveling involved to attend classes, you can also maximize your time spent with loved ones, pursuing your hobbies or growing your business.

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3) You can study from anywhere.

Online courses can be taken from anywhere in the world. The learning doesn’t need to stop whether you travel for business or you go on vacation, regardless of the time zone. Click To Tweet As mentioned in the point above, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can successfully complete an online program.

4) You learn more effectively.

E-learning is student-centered learning. It allows you to select and prioritize the things you want to learn, at your convenience. You can also choose the which distance educational methodology and which audio, visual or oral components, you want to use. By choosing what you learn and in what order, you will dictate your own terms and make the learning enjoyable. Click To Tweet

Online courses encompass a broad spectrum of content and learning is unrestricted. Students are allowed to online libraries in addition to course material and take their learning as far as they choose to. 

When signing up for an online course, you will also receive study materials through the Internet. Transcripts, live discussions and training materials can be made available via e-mail or the school’s website for reading, downloading and printing. As you do no have to work hard taking notes of every lecture, you can focus your energy on learning the concepts and spend your time after class actually putting them into practice.

5) You acquire technology skills.

Studying online does not only teach you the skills pertaining to your field of study, but it also enhances your computer skills. By having to access lectures, discussion boards, textbooks, and other study materials online, you can sharpen your overall technology skills, whether that is improving your typing speed, learning to use video conferencing software or conducting online searches more effectively. 

Becoming more familiar with technology and the Internet is crucial in today’s world, where a large portion of our lives, from business to relationships, is done online. You may not be able to motivate yourself to become computer literate, however having an ulterior learning purpose can make the process that much easier and enjoyable.

At Cosmodoggyland’s Academy, we believe that pursuing an education should be centered around acquiring the skills necessary to make your career or business goals a reality. For this reason, we strive to make learning meaningful and profitable by allowing students to create their own unique educational path, guided by their interests and needs, and apply what their learned to their projects, as building blocks to achieving their dreams.

As always, we can draw from the wisdom of our furry friends to follow our instincts, and allow them to guide us in our journey to be the masters of our lives and the architects of our future.

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