Cosmodoggyland is the result of the joint efforts of:

Gaspar is a Graphic Designer and a Maker Movement enthusiast. He envisions sustainable design as nature-inspired, innovative, and smart while valuing beauty and high-quality. He is an Architectural Designer, passionate about luxury yachting design as well as an amateur luthier who always enjoys teaching himself new musical instruments.

Josie is our Communications and Social Impact Coordinator. She is a certified TESL teacher and an Applied Economics student, passionate about event planning, marketing, social media, and online communities. Experienced in both print and virtual media outlets, her multilingual initiatives tend to overcome language barriers, using technology for teaching, learning, and building collaborative networks.

Paula serves as Art Director and liaison with our partners and audience. She holds a B.Com. in Finance and is a data analyst with expertise in giving meaning to abstract concepts by merging them with the real world. Her passion for transforming knowledge into tangible, valuable tools for personal fulfillment has allowed her to provide guidance to her students in Calculus and Finance to turn their academic efforts into better job opportunities.

Gaby is our Content Director and main Emma spoiler. She believes knowledge paves the path towards dreams, so she is always searching for cost- and time-effective ways to achieve learning goals. Passionate about new tools to acquire and convey knowledge, she used creative methods to make Science and Math fun for her children. With a B.Sc. and Marketing studies, she is currently involved in an educational online startup.

Alex is our Proofreader and Emma’s preferred family member. He has the patience and the keen eye to read all the fine print as well as the ability to understand policies, guidelines, and regulations. Alex holds a B.Sc. and is a self-taught guitar player who used music and humor-infused didactic ways to make studying enjoyable.

Emma is the editor-in-chief of the magazine and family’s big boss. Because she is convinced she is a human, she takes part in all family activities and travels. She has flown in an airplane’s cabin and participated in numerous road trips. She only accesses the car from the back, forcing her human family to open and close the door for her as if they were her chauffeurs. She also sails, and reluctantly agrees to put her life vest on to join the fun. She is a loyal napping companion and her impressive memory allows her to recognize the sound of each different food packaging being opened. Emma recently underwent surgery to remove mammary cysts and has made an outstanding recovery. Despite her cuteness, she does not enjoy being photographed. She has a sweet spot for tomato sauce, bread, and shrimps.

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