This Tech-Savvy Therapy Dog Invites You To Play An Online Language Learning Game

A PAWerful approach to learning vocabulary

Girl and dog using iPad - Online Language Learning Game

This game is intended to help you simultaneously acquire new vocabulary in English, French and/or Spanish, by comparing the words in red in each language.

The excerpt in each column belongs to an article about therapy dogs from Cosmodoggyland’s Health section. The vocabulary included in the game consists of health-related words, which are used to build helpful phrases for traveling abroad.

You may notice that some of the words are similar to their counterparts in the other languages, since their etymological roots are alike, while others’ similitudes are less evident.

You do not know any English, French, or Spanish? Do not worry! Just be intuitive, ambitious, and give it a try!

Many of the exercises and challenges of this section within Cosmodoggyland are designed as a game, based on the instructional strategy called digital game-based learning (DGBL). We feel this format ignites the competitive spirit, and motivates participants to review the text to correct mistakes to improve their score, thus enhancing their language skills.


Group the words with the same meaning in each language.

Example:   Dog = Perro = Chien


Download a worksheet for free for each player and count 1 point for each correct answer. You can replay the game as many times as you wish to get a higher score.


Click on the video down below to reveal the answers.

Good luck!

Mackenzie is a Havanese trained to become a therapy dog. He visits the patients of a New York Hospital once a week with his friend Lynn, with whom he lives. He is a member of a Hospital’s Program, designed to bring the healing power of dogs to patients, their families, and staff. Therapy dogs deliver proven health benefits to patients in different units … CONTINUE READING
Mackenzie es un perro havanés entrenado para terapia asistida con animales (TAA). Cada semana visita a los pacientes de un Hospital de Nueva York en compañía de su dueña Lynn. Es miembro de un programa que se lleva a cabo en el hospital para llevar el poder curativo de los perros a los pacientes, sus familias y el personal. Los perros de terapia influyen positivamente en la salud y calidad de vida de … SEGUIR LEYENDO
Mackenzie est un chien havanais entraîné pour la thérapie assistée par l’animal (TAA). Chaque semaine, il visite des patients à l’hôpital de New York avec son propriétaire Lynn. Il est membre d’un programme mis en place à l’hôpital pour amener le pouvoir de guérison des chiens aux patients, leurs familles et le personnel. Les chiens de thérapie affectent positivement la santé et la qualité de vie des … CONTINUER LA LECTURE

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Image sources: Sapann-Design / Freepik, Photoroyalty



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