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Unleash your potential and learn languages with these games

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Speaking a foreign language has become one of the strongest skills in the digital era. As businesses expand their global reach, the demand for candidates who are fluent in a second or third language continues to grow. In today’s job market, good communication skills are not complete without a second language. This is not only essential for taking your career abroad and accessing job offers in other countries, but it is also increasingly required for getting hired within local markets, and can help you increase your salary.

English, French, and Spanish are amongst the top 10 languages used on the Internet, and proficiency in one of them as a second language might be the passport to a tech job. Yes! Many companies in the tech industry demand a second language because working in this industry demands, along with technical competences, the ability to provide services, training, and technical support to clients all over the world.

The digital revolution powered substantial changes in the techniques used to learn and teach languages. There are numerous innovative online resources for language acquisition, and language learners are increasingly using flexible and collaborative online education alternatives. For instance, one of the most popular language learning apps counts with 300 million active users worldwide, a number similar to the population of the United States!

Digital content eliminates geographical barriers, making distance learning increasingly popular among language students, and interactive content allows for a more pleasant and meaningful language immersion experience.

A Game Changer For Language Learning

The internet is a powerful, interactive tool for searching information, accessing data, and communicating. It offers a whole new universe of resources, so vast, that it can only be navigated when guided by passions, interests, and purpose.

Young adults and teens spend most of their leisure time online, using social media, watching videos, gaming and, in significant less frequency, reading. They read less books than those of precedent generations and mostly use digital media and e-books as the main tool to acquire information.

The internet is a fast-paced environment, where every effort has an immediate reward. By simply typing a command and the correct keyword, voilà, the answer appears, quick and easy, without even needing to skim through a text, let alone read a entire chapter! Besides the growing concern regarding the decline in reading comprehension skills, the Internet also provides tools for creating new e-learning materials that enhance reading skills and facilitate language learning.

A survey of the University of Liverpool regarding the usage of online resources showed that university students prefer e-books over printed materials when performing scientific research and consider them a fundamental informational tool.

E-book usage by university students –University of Liverpool

The Springer Shop

The way in which technology is reshaping education has not only brought a change of mindset, but it has also allowed for the constant development of new, non-traditional strategies to address the needs of a growing population of e-learners. This transformation in the design of educational resources presents an extraordinary opportunity for creative teachers, authors and writers willing to use a more entrepreneurial, self-publishing alternative.

Source: Deloitte

Source: Deloitte

Three Innovative Tools For Teachers And Learners

Amongst the new learning resources that emerged thanks to the Internet, there are three new opportunities available to teachers y learners looking to enhance students’ language learning experience : the adoption of a didactic approach, the rise of the self-directed learner, and the use of online media to learn new languages.

Digital Game-based Learning

Positive experiences provide a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and accomplishment, and are at the root of the “game reward system” and the digital game-based learning (DGBL) approach. Game-based learning is a valuable tool for motivating students and engaging them in the learning process through interactive experiences.

Self-Learning & Personal Development

Due to the digital revolution, and since passion and interest in a subject are sometimes the best motivators for learning, students and teachers are adopting a more customized approach to learning.

Open and Distributed Learning Survey – University of Arizona

The Internet is a paradise for autodidacts, because access to information is easy and less expensive than through any other resource. With discipline and motivation, independent learners can design their own learning curriculum, create their own concept of achievement and thus maximize their potential. Additionally, the Internet offers the most propitious environment for drawing up a personal development plan and acquiring lucrative skills to boost a business or career.

Online Media As A Language Learning Tool

Interest in a particular subject can be a great vehicle for acquiring knowledge, and online media is a perfect environment for enhancing language skills with a self-directed learning approach.  

Learning a second language, boosting fluency, and improving communication skills are amongst the most popular drivers for online self-learning.

As a trilingual magazine, we design content for those interested in the canine world, but also for language learners. So, why not offer dog lovers who are also interested in language learning the option of using Cosmodoggyland.com as a resource?

To answer this question, we created a section dedicated to providing e-learning materials and games that an help you improve your language skills. Additionally, we invite you to explore our articles in a second and third language to expand your vocabulary in each one.

Unleash your potential! Learn languages with these games

Instructions: Be curious. Be ambitious. Learn by doing. Repeat!

Educational materials for teachers and parents

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