Working Dogs, Because They Are Our Best Friends


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Dogs and humans are meant to be together. Since dogs’ ancestors, the wolves, approached men’s camps appealed by the fetid hunting remains, the history and the nature of both species changed. They helped one another in an endless, cherished partnership that put them to work together and contributed to the development of one the strongest bonds between animals and men. Throughout human history dogs have been helping us accomplish numerous goals. Since they first started assisting shepherds, hunters, and sentinels until nowadays, the jobs performed by them have diversified and increased considerably.

Today, many high-qualified and accomplished working dogs assist men, often outperforming them, in a variety of activities, all while loving and protecting their human families as full-time jobs



They are rescuers, athletes, guards, actors, guides, trackers, and effective detectors, among other things. They are not only a family member, but they have also become an integral part of the military, police, therapy, and other working teams, as well as our society.


Nature has endowed dogs with a unique combination of instincts, senses, intelligence, and loyalty, setting them apart from the rest of animals. They can learn how to act in certain ways but, even if they are not trained, they can take action by themselves many times putting their own life at risk to save their beloved, and sometimes ungrateful, humans friends.

Our section “Working Like a Dog” is our tribute to the working dogs that, with their generous daily work, honor and nurture one of the most amazing collaborative inter-species relationships of all times. We have the most uttermost respect and love for those brave and loyal four-legged friends and workers.

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