Forgotten 9/11 Heroes – Search & Rescue Dogs

A prime example of the human-animal bond

German Shepherd Dogs Running - K-9 Unit

Dutch artist Charlotte Dumas has been using her camera to reveal the insights into the human-animal bond. Her moving work consists of portraits of wolves as well as working dogs and abandoned animals and the canine 9/11 heroes.

“Retrieved”, her photo book, features fifteen of the numerous Search and Rescue Dogs who worked at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. These animals remained in the artist’s memory as a symbol of search and rescue dogs. The photographer successfully tracked them down with the help of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and she visited nine states to photograph these senior dogs in the places where they were living.

The result of this is a very well-deserved tribute to these heroes and all those that helped after the attack. They will live forever in our hearts.

9/11 Heroes

More than 300 dogs worked through the debris of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, looking for survivors and victims’ remains.

Some of them were part of professional teams of military or detection dogs while others arrived with their volunteer handlers who knew about the immense value of their job.

They worked enduring tough conditions to find survivors and find the deceased. Several others worked to alleviate the victims’ grieving and shock as therapy dogs, in the months following the tragedy.

Hundreds of volunteers, men and dogs, participated tirelessly with the military and rescue professionals in what is known as the largest emergency operation in recent times.

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