Halloween – An Opportunity To Channel Your Inner Child

And have some spooky fun with your four-legged friend

Baby Little Red Riding Hood with wolf dog as grandma

Let your inner child shine this Halloween. Enjoy quality time with your pet and why not friends and family while keeping everyone safe.

As we grow up, the adventure, playfulness and laughter that filled our lives as kids tends to wear down as the worries and responsibilities of adulthood settle in. However, every now and then we get the opportunity to relive our best childhood moments and rejoice.

Halloween is one of the few days when it is socially acceptable to dress up in a costume and become someone else for a day, engaging in lighthearted fun without prejudice or shyness. What best than to share this holiday with family, including your pet?

In recent years, Halloween costumes for pets have followed suit, with a wide array of products both traditional stores as well as online.

From simple to sophisticated, from funny to spooky, there is a perfect costume for every pet and family! Click To Tweet

Moreover, designing and making pet costumes has become a growing market, and a new opportunity for both well established players in the pet industry as well as small business and makers.

4 Considerations For A Fun And Safe Halloween

To ensure a pleasant Halloween experience, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind, including safety!


Selecting a costume that is comfortable to wear avoids causing any stress to your pet. If you do not usually dress your pet, training your dog to wear the costume a few days prior to the big night can be beneficial. You can put the costume on for a few hours at a time and praise them for their good behavior with a treat.

Make sure to select a fabric that will not cause your fido any itchiness or irritation, and that does not have any ornaments that they can chew. Also, check the weather and temperature to choose the costume appropriately.


Halloween treats are toxic to pets, especially those containing chocolate and xylitol. Learn more about toxic foods and how to recognize food poisoning symptoms in your dog.


Plastic items, wires and even pumpkins can be a problem if your dog ingests them. Also, be careful with flames from candles, as a curious pet could burn themselves easily.


The festive environment of Halloween can be a source of stress for pets. It is not unusual for them to run away or get lost both during trick-or-treating, or during the many times that the front door is opened to receive trick-or-treaters. Thus, it is important to make sure that your pet is wearing proper identification at all times.

For many, custom-made or matching costumes with their pets, children, grandchildren, and friends is a fun way to make Halloween a family affair or an opportunity to meet with our loved ones and spread the joy. Click To Tweet

So, let your imagination run free, select a costume for this Halloween, invite some friends and family to celebrate together, and enjoy connecting with your inner child once again.

Happy Halloween!

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