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Believe it or not, our world counts with millionaire pets. Without a doubt, these pooches were members of the family and had a special place in the heart of their wealthy humans, so special that they chose them as the heirs to their fortunes. Meet some of these lucky millionaire dogs below.


Until December 2011, Trouble held the title of the richest dog when billionaire Leona Helmsey left $12 millions of her fortune to her Maltese fido, a decision that caused “trouble” within her family. This pampered food lover was a true Gourmpet. Trouble died at age 12, but lived an extravagant lifestyle, which included hand fed crab cakes, cream cheese and steamed vegetables, Mercedes-Benz limousine rides and international notoriety.

Gunter IV

Upon her death in 1992, Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany left a millionaire fortune to Gunther III, her German Shepherd and loyal four-legged companion, to be managed by trustees. Thanks to good investments, the inheritance tripled its value making Gunther IV, son of Gunther III, the owner of the six-digit sum by the time of his father’s passing.

This German Shepherd is reportedly a big spender. With such a reputation, Gunther IV lives an expensive life enjoying mansions, cars, and innumerable luxuries.

However, his real estate investments allow us to predict that his fortune will continue to grow in the future. His real estate assets include properties in Europe, America and even a mansion in Miami previously owned by Madonna which he bought for several millions of dollars.

His diet is over and above the average pet’s as it is includes daily caviar and steak, but besides being the wealthiest dog in the world, his eccentricity makes him the only one to ever pay a million dollar figure for an Italian white truffle. In the photo below, he is seen wearing dark sunglasses like celebrities do, perhaps to avoid being recognized by the Pawparazzis.

[su_spoiler title=”Can you guess how much Gunther’s fortune was?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Gunther III inherited $106 million 1[/su_spoiler]

Toby Rimes

Toby Rimes was the descendant of a Poodle of the same name who was once owned by New York millionaire Ella Wendel, the last descendant of a wealthy yet bizarre family. The story of the Wendel family and their New York mansion seems to be drawn out of a mystery book. Ella Wendel, who lived secluded in her mansion until her death in 1931, left a legacy estimated at between 30 and 80 million dollars.

Ella’s affection for her white poodle was said to be the reason that prevented the family from selling their property, because it was the place where Toby could run.

However the story, that for many has become an urban legend, suggests that all the descendants of the pet were named in the same way and that the inherited fortune has multiplied over time. Others argue that the pet that accompanied Ella to her last day died shortly after, no one having been assigned to be his caretaker.

While the existence and destiny of Toby Rimes or Tobey is to this day filled with doubts and mystery, Ella ceded the ownership of a property on 5th Avenue to a university. Despite her request that it be kept unchanged as a monument, it was demolished in 1933.


Another four-legged millionaire was Flossie, a Labrador Retriever who was adopted by dog-loving celebrity Drew Barrymore from an animal shelter. Flossie earned a special place in the hearts of the actress and her ex-boyfriend Tom Green, as the pooch alerted the couple that their home was on fire.

Barrymore considered Flossie a to be a hero dog who saved their lives, and decided to include her beloved furry friend in her will. Although Flossie passed away in 2010, she would have been one of the top richest dogs in the world.



Spoiled Pets or Worthy Companions?

Leaving a fortune to a pet could be, at first glance, seen as the paramount of frivolity, as a final display of eccentricity or as a business maneuver. However if we are able to free ourselves from any materialistic bias, maybe these were simply cases of people trying to protect their loyal friends.

The human-canine bond is without doubt one of the most fascinating relationships which has endured and evolved though time. Kings and paupers, gangsters and saints, all highly value the unconditional friendship that only dogs can provide.

Regardless who their two-legged friend was, dogs have the ability to touch their partner’s heart and bring about the latter’s positive qualities.

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