Do You Cook for Your Dog?

A Natural And Healthy Option

Dieting is a very important factor in the health and well-being of a dog. A perfect balanced nutrition prevents becoming overweight and all the risks associated with it.



Most of veterinaries and pet owners work together to find the right diet. On the other hand, dog food manufactures invest lots of resources in R&D to offer a large spectrum of products adapted to the different life stages and conditions of a dog.

A homemade meal prepared from ingredients you trust, whether they are raw or cooked, is a very good and natural option, as long as it is supervised by your dog’s veterinary or a canine nutritionist.


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Cooking for pets is a trend that is gaining a growing number of adepts. Many times, pet owners are concerned about dog food containing non-natural ingredients and may opt to feed their four-legged friends organic ingredients or follow the suggestions of holistic dog nutritionists.


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Benefits Of Homemade Food:

  1. Simplicity: most recipes are quick and easy to prepare
  2. Natural: it is fresher and closer to ancestral ways of feeding without chemical additives, preservatives or artificial colorants and flavors
  3. Healthy: you can select the ingredients according to your lifestyle, like vegetarian, vegan or organic
  4. images-5(1)


    Variety and appeal: I am sure that we all at least once thought how dull it would be to always eat the same kind of food

  5. Love: as always, when you cook for someone, you are including this natural and much needed ingredient to your meals

For homemade recipes that you can tailor to your dog with the help of your vet, visit our “GrourmPets” section.


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