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Because life is more fun when shared with a loved one

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Throughout our life, significant events are often milestones that mark the start of a new chapter. Every year, the last few days of the calendar represent a before and after, a time to reflect on the past and begin to make plans about what we want to change in our lives for the future. During these transitional periods, we assess ourselves, and often find shortcomings, which is why we create new goals or resolutions to address them.

Some of the most recurring themes include improving health and fitness, kicking a bad habit, enjoying life more, learning new skills for personal and professional development, getting finances on track, starting a new career, launching a businessspending more time with family and, as life is more enjoyable when shared with our loved ones, finding the perfect match, whether that is in the form of a business partner, a new friend, a soulmate, or a four-legged companion.

If one of your wishes for the new year is to bring a dog into your family, you can start by taking the time to evaluate your lifestyle. Becoming a pet parent is a long-term commitment, so it is important that you figure out exactly what type of dog or dog breed best matches your level of activity and personality.

How To Live A Freedom Lifestyle With A Dog

You can then begin by looking for the nearest shelter and consider adopting a pooch. Some organizations have special programs to foster dogs for short periods of time or puppy mill survivors. Others offer the chance to give a homeless pooch the opportunity to experience living in a real home for a weekend or for a Christmas season. Fostering could also be a very good option for the family to bond with a future furry member while searching for the one that will become their forever friend.

Staff at shelters have the knowledge and experience to assist new pet owners throughout the adoption process and ensure a positive result for everyone. Moving season is a busy time of the year for shelters and may be a good time to search for a pet to adopt. Contact your nearest shelter to get started on the wonderful and fulfilling journey of becoming a pet parent.

Looking To Start An Animal Organization?

However, if you still haven’t found “the one” and you feel a purebred dog would be your perfect match, or adopting a shelter dog is not an option for you, you can search for reliable and responsible breeders. Kennel Clubs have information about the breed characteristics and the registered breeders for each one.

You can contact as many breeders as you need to be sure about the best breed and characteristics of your future dog. You can also ask for referrals from veterinarians and attend dog shows, where you can meet breeders in person and start building a relationship. Responsible breeders will want to meet and interview you to confirm that you and your family are the perfect match for their puppies. Visit the breeders facilities to see where the puppies were born and raised, ask questions, and ask for references.

If you are thinking about offering a dog as a gift, the ASPCA recommends giving pets as gifts only when recipients have clearly expressed a steady intention of pet ownership and understand what it implies. It also stresses the importance of getting the dog from rescue and adoption organizations or responsible breeders.

Should I Give A Dog As A Gift?

Why can’t I buy a dog at my nearest pet store?

If you found that your local pet store has no more puppies on display like there used to be, chances are that your city passed a law prohibiting pet stores from selling dogs or cats.

Finding the perfect companion involves the assessment of many factors that go beyond what the puppy looks like through a store’s window.

However, many cities in North America have passed this kind of legislation based on the fact that, in some cases, these business obtained their dogs from puppy mills. Since most people are unaware of the origin of the animals sold in pet stores, buying a puppy in good faith many times resulted in supporting overcrowded puppy mills where dogs suffer poor living conditions and are deprived of veterinary care and love.

The ban also provides the opportunity of promoting pet adoption, responsible dog ownership and best practices for breeders.

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Visit our section LinkingPaws to find Kennel Clubs in your area, who can help you to find reliable breeders.

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