10 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

The guide to a perfect pet-friendly vacation

Travel with Dog Landscapes

Traveling with your dog can mark the beginning of a new way to experience unique adventures, make lasting memories, and enjoy the perfect vacation. Pets are members of the family and, as more and more people choose to take them on their vacations, the “pet-friendly travelers’ club” keeps growing.  

A successful trip with your pet will depend on finding places where all the members of your family are welcome and where complying with existing regulations does not limit your ability to have a fun and unforgettable vacation.

To help you organize your next pet-friendly trip, we prepared this list of 10 tips, so that traveling with your dog is a pleasant experience, even before leaving.

1. Health

  • Before leaving, make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and, if you travel abroad, ask the vet for a health certificate.
  • Keep your dog hydrated and in a well-ventilated space during travel.
  • Buy health insurance for your pet to avoid unexpected expenses.
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2. How to get there

  • Dogs love spending time with their family and can adapt themselves to traveling by any means.
  • Make sure to get your dog used to traveling by car to avoid them experiencing nausea or anxiety when you take them on your vacation.
  • If you travel by plane, contact the airline to find out if your dog can travel with you in the cabin, in the baggage compartment of the plane, or if you should send them as cargo.
  • Whatever means transport you choose, use a soft carrier or cage that allows your dog to move, stand, and change position throughout the trip.

3. How to get around 

  • Although most cities allow pets on public transit, many of them have special regulations and in some cases prohibitions for some breeds which are considered dangerous.
  • Another increasingly popular transportation option is the pet taxi service or, if you prefer to drive, you can rent a car which will allow you to move more freely during your stay.
  • In all cases, remember that your dog is your responsibility and you must keep them on a leash or inside a carrier in public places so they do not cause any problems to other passenger.

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4. Accommodation

  • Although the number of pet-friendly places continues to grow, many of them only have a limited number of rooms for this purpose. So, before leaving, confirm that your pet will be welcome and has a reserved spot.
  • Each accommodation has its own policies and regulations for guests with pets, so make sure you know them before completing your reservation to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Do not settle for just finding a place that accepts pets. Choose the type of accommodation that best suits your lifestyle and the type of trip that you dream of.
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5. Behavior

  • A trip could be a situation of tension and anxiety for your dog. So, if you have previously accustomed them to behaving well in public spaces, they will adapt better to changes and traveling together will be a pleasant experience for both of you.
  • Keep your dog in the quietest part of the room to avoid that they bark to other hotel guests that they can see or hear near your unit.
  • Never leave your pet unsupervised as a lonely and bored dog will get anxious and chew on everything within their reach, which can incur costs to cover any damages made to the accommodation.

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6. Safety

  • For your vacation to be perfect, it is important to always think about the safety of all travelers and prevent any kind of accidents.
  • If you travel by car, you should consider that your dog should travel comfortably, but cannot distract the driver.
  • Having your dog stick their head out the window can be a cause for concern if they accidentally activate the power windows by pressing buttons with their paws.
  • Always keep them restrained and in a restricted area so that the movement of the car does not make them lose their balance and injure themselves.
  • Keep the environment well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature, so your dog does not suffer from heat stroke.
  • Take breaks along the way so your dog can rest and release their energy. However, always remember to keep them on the leash as they could run away and get lost.

7. Identification

  • In addition to keeping your dog on a leash when in public places, make sure it’s quick and easy to identify them in the event that they gets lost. 
  • Although they are not a personal favorite, you can use a microchip. This is a device with a permanent identification number that is implanted under the skin of your dog. This number allows whoever finds your pooch to go to a database and communicate with you easily.
  • If, like us, you prefer non-invasive solutions, you can opt for an identification tag on your dog’s collar which contains your contact information. 
  • If you like electronic gadgets, you can use a necklace or a smart identification tag with a geolocation system. These electronic systems allow you to know the location of your pet based on their GPS coordinates.

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8. Luggage

  • When you prepare the travel kit for your dog, remember to bring some of their toys and other objects that will remind them of their home’s scent.
  • Include a few servings of their usual food.
  • Get your pooch used to drinking off a travel bottle, so that they don’t miss their bowls.
  • Bring a copy of a document that proves their place of residence, a certificate showing their latest vaccinations, and the veterinarian’s contact information.
  • Take one of their sweaters, even when you travel to a warm place, as well as a raincoat, so you can go for walks, even if it rains.
  • A training pad and wet wipes can be vital if they go on a potty breaks at the wrong time.

9. Gadgets that make your trip easier

  • Innovation and technology have also made and continue to make their contribution to making life easier for pet owners. Pet-friendly tourism is no exception and therefore traveling with your pet will be easier and more pleasant if you have some of the gadgets that exist for this purpose.
  • From super practical strollers, hands-free leashes, 360 cameras, electronic dispensers, smart tags, helmets or dog goggles and the most diverse products provide solutions, and why not also lots of glamour, to the “pet-friendly travelers’ club”.
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10. Everything to win!

When evaluating whether or not to take your pet on your next vacation, remember that dogs are the best travel companions. They love exploring new things and are never afraid to embark on an adventure with a positive attitude that is worth emulating. Even if there are exceptions to the rule, dogs always prefer to be near their family than to stay anywhere else, even in the most luxurious of kennels.

Facts speak for themselves and evidence shows that more and more families have joined the “pet-friendly travelers’ club”, to the point of modifying the tourism industry. Thus, it is safe to assume that those who decide to start traveling with their dog, never look back!

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