5 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors


As we mentioned in our article Tips For Finding The Perfect Companion, there are some dog breeds that are better suited to be seniors’ pets. Below are five dog breed examples :


These dogs are the perfect dogs for seniors. They are small and enjoy playing as well as cuddling. They are very affectionate, have a wonderful temperament and a passive behavior. Due to their short nose, they have to be careful when exercising in the summer and are not able to run without becoming exhausted. Adaptable to small spaces and non-regular walk routines, they are excellent companions that need human presence and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Despite their small size, they are fairly resistant and good at providing protection by barking to alert their owners about the presence of strangers. Obesity and respiratory problems are among their most common health issues.


Shih Tzu

They are small, vigilant, and simply adorable. Since they are lap dogs, they enjoy attention and get along well with people of all ages as well as with other pets. They are clever and have character, so their training should begin early and it should include barking control. They prefer playing around the house to outdoor exercising, which is perfect for those residing in apartments. Also, they can tolerate short walks well and are fine if not walked for a few days. This breed is great for those suffering from allergies, as Shih Tzus barely shed any hair. Their coat is long and requires a certain amount of care. Brushing and combing to avoid hair knots or frequent trimming are good options.

Miniature Schnauzer 

They are cheerful, energetic and very affectionate dogs. They are also good companions for those who have grandchildren. They are easy to train and very adaptable, although they can be aggressive with other dogs. They are good watchdogs and bark when they sense that there is people outside the house. Minis are an hypoallergenic breed, i.e. they don’t shed any hair and very little dander. They require grooming every 8 weeks and brushing at least twice a week. Since these dogs need 30 minutes of daily physical and mental exercise by means of games like fetch and dog tricks, they are the perfect partner as they will encourage you to step out of their houses and keep a daily exercise routine.



These dogs belong to a very affectionate and loyal breed. They are great companions and a constant source of entertainment for the whole family. They are protective of their owners and can be quite aggressive towards other dogs in defiance of their tiny size. Since they are prone to suffering when exposed to cold weather, they love warmth, sunlight and to be dressed-up. All chihuahua owners agree on the fact that these pooches have an energetic and playful temperament and enjoy clowning around the house as well as being the center of attention. They will brighten your day, make noise to be noticed, and lie conformably on your lap in order to stay cozy.

Cocker Spaniel

They are beloved companions who are cheerful, sensitive, and always willing to please their owners. They love to snuggle on the couch or to play outdoors. Their social nature makes them gentle, trustworthy, and eager to be part of the family, regardless of the size of the family. Cocker spaniels are hunter dogs by nature and the largest-sized on our list, making them not really an ideal dog for apartments. Conversely, they are the best match for seniors who live alone and in a house because they combine a sweet temperament with watchdog traits. They are easy to train and walk, but their long and luxurious coat requires daily brushing as well as regular shampooing.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel animalplanet.com

These five are only a few of the numerous options that you can assess among pure breeds. Mixed breeds also offer infinite options when it comes to dogs for seniors.

Adoption is as a very advantageous choice to make, in order to find your perfect match. Dog shelters are replete of affectionate, loyal, and loving dogs waiting for a home. They can be small or large, more or less active, pure breed or combinations of different breeds.

Your local dog shelter is a great place to begin your search. The dogs you will find there are already vaccinated, trained and, most importantly, you can consider which of them might better fit your personality and expectations. Whichever your choice is, remember that you are bringing home a loyal friend who deserves a loving home and family.

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