Forever Young – Senior Dogs 101

The ultimate guide to caring for your senior dog

Golden Retriever Birthday
  • What are the signs of aging?
  • How do I calculate my dog’s age in human years?
  • Can aging be avoided?
  • What can science/medicine do to delay the aging process?
  • Which are the most long-living dogs in history?
  • How important is early illness diagnosis to increase my dog’s life expectancy?
  • How do I care for my senior dog and help them live a longer and happier life?
  • Why is obesity so dangerous during senior years?
  • How do I ensure an adequate nutrition while preventing obesity in my senior dog?
  • Which natural nutritional supplements could my senior dog need?
  • How do I better bath and groom my senior dog?
  • What alternative therapies are available for improving the quality of life of my senior dog?

You will find the answer to all these questions about senior dogs, and many more, in our section Forever Young to understand the changes that occur when a dog becomes a “senior” and the advantages of an early and accurate diagnosis of the most common age-related health conditions.

Staying informed about new methods and products for delaying the aging process can help keep your dog’s body functions working properly and maintain the brain alert for longer time. Learning more about the value of a healthy lifestyle and the things you need to know to better care for your senior dog can help your dog live longer and happier.

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Forever Young

Dogs are loyal friends who love unconditionally and never abandon their humans. Unfortunately, the opposite is not always true and shelters are full of senior dogs that were wonderful pets.

Schoep & John


Some moving stories like Schoep’s show that loyalty and love are not just the heritage of dogs.

Taking care of and accompanying a pet during their last years is an act of love.


Adopting a senior dog has many advantages that usually people do not know about, resulting in these dogs waiting longer, sometimes in vain, for the opportunity to have a comfortable home and aging process.

We have the utmost respect and affection for all those humans who care for and shower their canine friends with love during their senior years.

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Forever Young – Find all you need to know to care for your senior dog: weight management, alternative therapies, nutritional supplements, active lifestyle tips, and more!

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