5 Tips For Finding The Best Dog For Seniors

Searching For The Perfect Companion

As introduced in our article Top 10 Reasons To Adopt A Dog, the positive effects of a canine presence in the life of a senior citizen are numerous. Seniors with pets are more independent and able to execute more daily activities than non-pet owners. Walking and playing with your dog is a regular physical activity which is linked to brain and cognitive health improvements.

Senior years can be associated with different lifestyles. Therefore, there are five main aspects to consider when selecting a pet dog for a senior such as:

Care and Maintenance

Some breeds demand too much work in terms of grooming and exercise.



Dog’s age

Cute puppies need to be  trained and are prone to scratching and nipping as well as jumping on people, which could potentially increases the risks of falls and skin injuries for their owners. They are also more energetic, meaning that they need to be walked and paid attention to quite often.


Senior dogs can be perfect companions , although they may have special needs related to their age that could demand special considerations and care, they are previously trained.

Adoption is a good way of finding a middle-aged dog with a predefined temperament. They combine average levels of activity with lower care and maintenance-related needs.




Big dogs need a considerable amount of exercise and may be difficult to manage due to their strength. When they go for walks, they can pull and jump increasing the risk of falls.


Some breeds fit all the requirements in terms of size and age but require a lot of care and grooming. Short coat breeds are a good option because they only require to be brushed, while dogs with long coats need grooming every 6 to 8 weeks.

Another advantage of short coats is that fleas and ticks are much easier to find and remove. In addition, non-shedding dogs such as hypoallergenic dogs are ideal to keep your floors, furniture, and clothes hair and dander-free, thus reducing the risk of allergies and additional cleaning.


Some dog breeds are well suited to be seniors’ pets, because they possess the characteristics needed to provide their owners with all these benefits.

We introduce five breeds to definitely consider in our article Best Dog Breeds For Seniors.

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