Helping Your Dog Live A Healthier And Longer Life

How To Quickly Identify Age-Related Problems

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An active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and regular veterinary visits are important at any stage of a dog’s life. An unbalanced diet due to excess of macronutrients could cause, for example, overweigh or obesity, whereas a deficiency in micronutrients, resulting in low iron intake, can be associated with more serious health condition such as diabetes or anaemia. Based on scientific research, there is a consensus on the vital role that an active lifestyle and good nutrition play in maintaining health and well-being. An annual visit to the veterinary will certainly contribute to getting your dog immunized against infectious diseases as well as monitoring risk factors for illness.

A well-informed pet owner who cares about preventive health will maximize dog’s quality of life, protecting pets from developing a disease or experiencing an injury more effectively. Being aware of the most frequent disorders that could affect dogs’ health as well as providing them with a balanced diet and exercise contributes to keeping a dog healthy longer. Moreover, this becomes vital for senior dogs, who experience inexorable body changes associated to the normal aging process, increasing their likelihood of having health problems.

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Like any living being, a dog’s body is a perfect machine where each element performs a specific function and is part of a system. Together, systems are harmonic and intimately interconnected, making everything work as a whole. Most of health problems affect the normal functions of the respiratory, nervous, circulatory, digestive, urinary, musculoskeletal, and hormonal systems, as well as sense organs.

Even though regular visits to the vet are important and highly recommended for a more accurate diagnosis, the following chart can be helpful for identifying problems that are most common or that could appear due to age in dogs.

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