Fun Matches Are For Every Dog

Get the inside scoop on an obedience fun match

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A Fun match is a dog sport competition organized at indoor or outdoor facilities by dog trainers, kennel clubs, and dog education schools.

With the idea of having fun , teams of dogs and handlers have the opportunity to test their skills as team, as well as practice agility, obedience and rally, in a setting similar to that of a bigger dog sport event.

Fun matches are perfect perfect to to evaluate a dog’s behavior and socialization skills as well as foster social interaction between dog parents.

Read Dog Sport For Making New Friends to know everything about fun matches and how to get started in dog sports.

Fun Matches Are For Every Dog

The images below are from the Obedience Fun Match hosted by Blue Ribbon’s Canine Centre at the center’s facilities in Dorval. Teams from East Ontario and Great Montreal attends Blue Ribbon events organized by Lise Hargrave, the owner and head trainer, where competitors show their obedience abilities sometimes to represents their kennels or training schools.

With seventeen years of experience teaching obedience classes and multiple certifications under her belt, Lise schedules fun matches all throughout the year, giving dogs and handlers the opportunity to test their skills and spend have fun together.

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