Passionate about animals? Why not turn it into a career?

The goal of this section is to help dog lovers find the perfect career in the animal and pet industry. Whether you are a student looking to get your first job or an experienced professionals launching your own animal-related business, Cosmodoggyland offers support each step of the way.

Through original articles, tools and other resources as well as expert guidance, we aim to provide all the information necessary to succeed and make the world more animal-friendly.



Cosmodoggyland - Starting a pet service business

Looking To Start An Animal Organization?

If you are thinking about starting your own animal welfare organization, there are a few items to keep in mind ...
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Therapy dog Cosmodoggyland Interview- Brent

How To Train A Therapy Dog – Interview With Barb Kelly

To learn more about animal-assisted therapy (AAT) as well as the people and organizations involved in promoting the healing power of ...
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Cosmodoggyland Dog Sled Tours

Through The Eyes Of A Musher – Interview Series

Dog-powered sports are one of the clearest manifestations of the human-canine bond, which can be traced back thousands of years. Since ...
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