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Dogs are a source of joy, there’s no doubt about it! However, they require certain lifestyle changes, which, for some people, could represent a barrier to pet ownership. If you live a freedom lifestyle and have concerns about welcoming a dog into your home, it is because you understand the responsibilities that come with making such decision. So, keep reading to find out how having a dog can help you embrace change while maintaining your free spirit lifestyle.

It is true that for those who love freedom and have never had a pet, modifying their lifestyle to embrace new responsibilities can often seem too hard. However, with the right information, resources, and some planning, it is possible to have a healthy and happy pet and enrich both your dog’s life as well as your own.
That is why we put together some information, tips, and gadgets to help you enjoy the physical and spiritual benefits of having a new furry family member.

6 Obstacles Between You And Your Dog

Voyage, voyage

Everybody loves vacations and many people think that owning a pet could limit their freedom. Thus, the fear of being unable to travel is one of the main barriers to owning a dog.

Although there are some excellent kennels and hotels where pets are well taken care of while their humans travel, for many, the perfect vacation includes all members of the family. The sustained growth of pet-friendly tourism provides evidence that many dog owners have discovered the pleasure of travelling with their pets.

This trend transformed the tourism market, which adapted its offerings to provide innovative and varied solutions to individuals and families who bring their dogs along on vacation. Except for the travel restrictions and lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, the pet-friendly travel industry offers varied opportunities for entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and those who want to start a business.

10 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

There is a perfect four-legged companion for any kind of traveller. It is for that reason that today it is possible to find travellers of all ages who tour the world with their four-legged babies. So if you are among those who love adventure and visiting new places, you must know that you can not only travel with your dog, but also discover new activities that will make your free time together more enjoyable.

Whether you are the type to explore nature on your own or prefer to partake in group adventures, subscribe to discover pet-friendly activities, get valuable tips, ideas, and offers to start planning your next new vacation and embrace a more meaningful ways of enjoying your free time.

Changing for the better

For most people the definition of a “normal lifestyle” implies spending most of their time out of the house. This means that they have little free time, and it is usually at the time of day in which tiredness sets in. Making changes to your lifestyle thanks to the presence of a pet will encourage you to design a routine that considers your dog’s physical and emotional well-being, and consequently your own. Click To Tweet

You will never feel alone or bored if your tail-wagging friend is in the house because your dog can be the perfect gym buddy or the laziest coach potato. Whatever your lifestyle is, you will need to design your schedule in a way that you can make time for a daily walk. This will not only benefit your dog, but will also help you stay active, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and motivate you to appreciate the “now”.

Dryland Mushing – Adventure & Fun All Year Round

All dogs love to play with their humans, that will force you to distract form worries, thus keep your brain healthy, and reduce stress. While focusing on the game, sharing an activity, or simply enjoying the sun at a park alongside your dog, you will start to develop a healthy routine, and therefore increase your bloodstream’s endorphin levels.

Regardless of their age or breed, dogs can always be trained and will learn even faster when exposed to different experiences that provide their brains with stimulation.

Your dog will give you the opportunity to learn something new, and meet new people while you discover fun activities together. Click To Tweet

All dogs can participate in dog sports and contests whether in a competitive manner or in more relaxed environment. There are tons of sports and activities to practice with your dog, socialize, make new friends, and even find your perfect match.

Choosing the type of dog that best fits your personality is the first step. Ensuring that you are well informed before getting a dog is crucial, since shelters are full of animals whose former owners did not take the time to do the proper research. With a good resource to learn from, you will be able to find the right dog for you and get an unconditional companion that will help you improve your health, better balance your time, and lead a more fulfilling life.

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