10 Million Reasons To Walk Your Dog

Dog Walking Could Be A Million-Dollar Business

Healthy Golden Retriever showing the health benefits of walking your dog - Cosmodoggyland.com Healthy Golden Retriever showing the health benefits of walking your dog - Cosmodoggyland.com


As already stated in other articles, walking your dog enhances your pets’ and your own physical and psychological health.

For Your Dog

A daily walking routine is highly beneficial for your dog’s health because it :

Prevents weight gain, obesity, and improves pets’ digestive system;

Reduces anxiety and destructive behaviors;

Prevents chewing and ingestion of dangerous substances;

Accelerates toilet training in puppies;

Facilitates socialization;

Strengthens the human-canine bond; and 

Allows your dog to experience outdoors.

For Yourself

You can also reap many benefits from regular walks and activities with your dog. Exercising positively impacts your cardiovascular fitness, muscles, bones, joints, balance, and coordination.

Whilst walking your pooch, you break isolation and meet other dog owners. Dogs are a perfect icebreaker for making new friends and socializing.



10 Millions Reasons

Of course, there are also exceptional rewards to walking your dog but the people in this story quite literally won the gold. Indeed, a couple in California found 1,400 gold coins whilst walking their dog in they property where they lived for several years.


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The coins, buried next to an ancient tree, dated from the gold-rush times during the second half of the 19th century. Due to their peculiarity and perfect condition, they could be of approximately 10 millions dollars. As a matter of fact, according to numismatic specialists each piece has the potential of being worth 1 million dollars.
After allowing the treasure to be showcased at many shows and news outlets, the fortunate beholders decided to sell part of the coins to pay debts and to donate to charity.

So the next time you have to walk your dog, specially on a freezing, rainy winter day, remember that you will be rewarded even if you are not among those lucky people who get rich from what they pick up.

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