5 Advantages Of Adopting An Adult Dog

Saving a dog's life is a rewarding experience

adopt an adult dog

If the idea of having a great companion has been running through your mind and if a dog is the ideal pet for you, here are a few well-kept secrets to turn your search into a much more rewarding experience.

You have probably informed yourself about what taking care of a pet entails. Perhaps, you have also determined which canine physical characteristics and temperaments best match your lifestyle. However, what you probably have not considered are the benefits of adopting an adult dog.

Normally, when we think of adopting a dog, we picture a puppy as a first choice. However, as it is the case with certain software, wines, and even people, the best version is not always the youngest one. Click To Tweet

An adult dog is undoubtedly the best option for a family with small children, an elderly person or someone who does not have the time or patience to go through the basic canine education process. This is due to the fact that a pup, regardless of breed and size, has more energy and less training, i.e. they have not yet learned to control their behavior.

It is not unusual for puppies to represent a higher risk of accidental injuries, which is an important factor to consider with regards to a household with children or seniors. Click To Tweet

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5 Advantages Of Adopting An Adult Dog

1. Shelters are full of senior dogs.

In general, the dogs that end up at shelters are not puppies. While many of them have previously had a home, in most cases their previous owners, due to illness or other reasons, were unable to take care of them. These dogs are thus usually comfortable living with families, they have good manners, and even better, are potty trained.

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2. It is possible to predict the behavior of an adult dog.

They are more disciplined than puppies with regards to basic behavior and they are more sociable, thus their reactions are more predictable. For example, they are less likely to jump onto people or to exhibit behaviors which could cause serious injuries, particularly in elderly people or children such as scrapes on their sensitive skin.

They are also less likely to bark and to react aggressively towards strangers, which is a blessing for any dog parent who wants to prevent issues with neighbors or house guests.

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3. They are patient and calm

A senior dog will already be used to sleeping through the night as well as be familiarized with a daily walking, bathing and a playing routine. Their patience is a big advantage in a house with children whom, in their quest to explore and observe everything around them, could bother the animal and possibly generate an undesirable reaction.

In any case, it is important to constantly monitor small children while they play with pets, regardless of their breed, age, or size.

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4. Your shoes and furniture will thank you for it.

Since senior dogs have already overcome the initial stages of development, they will have left behind the instinct of chewing on objects, which is prominent among pups. Therefore, they will be less interested in exercising their teeth, which will be a relief when it comes to furniture, shoes, and in some cases, themselves.

Indeed, although it is always necessary to keep an eye out for chewing, a senior dog is more reliable when it comes time to leave them alone at home since there will be lower risks of poisonings or any other problems derived from that particular behavior.

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5. You can prove your are a responsible dog owner.

During the period between rescue and adoption, many animal shelters train their dogs in order to prevent undesirable behavior that could negatively affect their personnel or the dogs’ future foster or adoptive families.

If you live in an apartment or condo community, having a dog trained according to the Canine Good Citizen program might help you ensure that your pet is obedient, well-mannered around people and fellow dogs. Click To Tweet

Regardless of where you live, a well-trained dog and an owner aware of the guidelines of Responsible Dog Ownership is a good start when it comes to reducing the risks of issues associated with undesired or dangerous canine behavior.

And the most important thing…

A senior dog will be happy to have a place to call home again. Whenever you come home, you will be very warmly welcomed, even if you have only been outside for a few minutes, and you will constantly feel loved by someone who appreciates you for having changed their life forever.

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