Fitness Routine To Do With Your Jack Russell Terrier


Jesse is at it again!

We met Jesse when he released his first two videos, where he goes grocery shopping and helps around the house with chores ranging from making and undoing beds to preparing breakfast.

This time around, Jesse and Heather, his best human friend and trainer, bring us a new video of Jesse where he does a complete aerobics routine to get fit.

Small, Smart, and Energetic

Jack Russell Terrier dogs are extraordinarily talented and one of the smartest dog breeds. They love to learn new tricks, which is why we often see them in TV shows and movies.

They are very active, have big personalities, and need lots of exercise and training. This breed is not for everyone for they are big athletes rather than lap dogs. However, they are the perfect companion for families with older children due to their playful nature. This breed is also a great match for active people who enjoy outdoor sports and workouts.

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Needless to say, Jesse, like most Jack Russell Terriers, is not only an extremely intelligent dog, but is also quite energetic.

Watch this charming and talented little fella in the video below!

Photo credits: Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

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