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Dogs Who Hold World Records

the smallest dog ever

Zeus is the tallest dog ever according to the Guinness World Records; however, Freddy, another Great Dane from the UK, proudly holds the title of the tallest dog alive since 2017.

Walking Zeus

Zeus was a Great Dane from Michigan that measured 3 ft 8 inches (1.118 m) from feet to withers and 7 ft 5 inches (2.26 meters) when standing up on two legs. He needed 12 cups of food a day to maintain his 155-pound (70-kilogram) body weight. He was the size of a pony and did not fit comfortably in a regular car.

Freddy loves big treats

Zeus, who passed away in 2014 was only one inch taller than Giant George, the former record-breaking dog until 2013, and less than 3 inches taller than Freddy who measures 3 ft 4.75 in (1.035 m).

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Boo Boo, a chihuahua, held the smallest dog record until 2014 when Milly, also a chihuahua, was announced as the new world’s smallest living dog.

The tiny, brown beauty from Puerto Rico got the title thanks to her height of 3.8 inches (9.65 centimeters), beating Boo Boo, a 4 inches long hired Chihuahua from Kentucky, who held the title of the smallest dog for several years without anyone being able to dethrone her.

Milly grew up with two canine sisters of regular size and enjoys being among humans, because she is not aware that she is a dog.


She is a tiny dog with a big personality who knows how to pose for a picture, despite her size being only ten percent of Zeus’ height.

Image credit Youtube.

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