PAWPARAZZI: Schoep turns twenty!

senior dog birthday celebration

Today, we celebrate Schoep’s birthday! 

This lovely senior dog who became a celebrity thanks to the endearing picture of him and his human human pal John Unger, swimming together to sooth the pooch’s arthritis pain. The image went viral changing the duo’s fate. 

Schoep turned twenty and he is enjoying the improvements of his health condition.
As a result of multiple treatments, the donations made by numerous strangers, and the love that his human friend continues to give him, he is finally enjoying his golden years.

This special morning, he was greeted with breakfast in bed, followed by a massage, a nap and later on, a swim with John. He also received tons of greeting cards and posts from his more than 120K Facebook followers. The happy pair also shared several pictures of the birthday pooch enjoying his day. 

CosmoDoggyLand wishes Schoep a wonderful and memorable birthday and good health for many years to come!

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