Magic For Dogs

Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen performs magic tricks in front of his dogs. Enjoy their hilarious reactions! [...]

CosmoDoggyHugs: Lending A Paw

“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration,” said Claude Monet. When we are wise enough to unravel the knowledge and beauty that [...]

PAWPARAZZI: Boogie, The Brave Runner

Foxnews.com   Español The Internet star of this week is Boogie, an 8-years-old chocolate Labrador, who unleashed his athlete spirit and won a medal after finishing [...]

PAWPARAZZI: Schoep turns twenty!

Today, we celebrate Schoep’s birthday!  This lovely senior dog who became a celebrity thanks to the endearing picture of him and his human human pal John Unger, [...]

Pawp Corn: Best Dog Movies

amazon.com PawpCorn-DoggyMovies presents movies that feature or are related to our beloved pooches. As dog lovers, it is possible that you may have seen many of them, but we [...]