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PawpCorn-DoggyMovies presents movies that feature or are related to our beloved pooches. As dog lovers, it is possible that you may have seen many of them, but we believe they are worth reminding and paying tribute to and hopefully we will present you with some new, interesting titles. 

Marley & Me is a wonderful award-winning comedy based on the homonymous John Groagan’s bookThe author, columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer and father of three, published in this newspaper his memoir Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog. This brought much well-deserved popularity to his book Marley & Me written a few years earlier. The heart-warming film adaptation is a movie for the whole family to see. It not only portrays Grogan’s experiences and life with Marley, but it also features a cameo appearance by John Groagan himself playing the role of a Cocker Spaniel owner in the dog training class scene.

Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as John and Jenny Grogan, the movie is centered around this couple of newspaper writers with no children who adopt Marley, a cute Labrador Retriever into their family. Throughout the film, the audience will follow the Grogans on their hilarious adventures and their growth as a family that will mark John and Jenny’s emotional journey into parenthood.
Marley’s loveable character was played by many talented and hardworking labs, with Brody being the main actor, who were guided by animal trainers James P. Warren, Larry Payne, April Mackin, Candace B. Cothern and Raymond W. Beal, head trainers Larry Madrid and Mark Forbes, and lead trainer Matilda de Cagny.
Mathilda de Cagny in an interview with themagazine.ca in 2011 shared that 22 labradors of different ages were used to play Marley and that Brody as well as 4 other of those dogs were rescued from shelters.

Marley & Me is not a movie about an adorable pooch but a portrait of how families are born as well as how they evolve through their issues, accomplishments, hardships and joys. This wonderful story realistically represents the challenges and rewards of starting and being part of a family. The opinion of the audience regarding this movie will depend on each individual’s experiences. Nevertheless, it will certainly make you feel a broad spectrum of emotions.

Here’s the trailer:

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