Baby Shower For Piglets

A French Bulldog Foster Mom


Adoption, beyond legal considerations, is undoubtedly an act of love whose origin is  linked to the instincts of preservation of life and, as this story shows, to the immeasurable power of the maternal instinct.

Baby is a French Bulldog that adopted six newborn wild boar piglets, who were found just in time in a cold forest in Germany. Although Baby was about the same size as the small boars, her maternal instinct made her immediately accept the babies and remain alert to the needs of her adopted puppies.

The reasons and mechanisms that drive adoption in animals remains a mystery. However, everything suggests that, like instincts, it is an inherent behavior. Studies on the brain and the behavior of animals explain some of the factors that motivate

the action of providing protection and care to another being in need. Instinctively, animals care for and help their own species’ little ones survive, providing evidence that both domestic and wild animals adopt others as a means of preserving the DNA of their species.

However, nurturing a baby is a task that involves commitment and dedication, especially when it comes to babies of a different species. Nevertheless, this French Bulldog was willing to step up to the challenge as soon as she met her diverse new family. Thus, the babies recovered at the Lehnitz Animal Sanctuary on the outskirts of Berlin. Thanks to Baby’s love, and after numerous bottles, the little piglets were ready to move to their new home in a nature reserve.

Dogs know how to love and care for others very well, so they are often involved in inter-species adoptions, which are one of the most wonderful examples of altruistic animal behavior.

With her example, both Baby and the rest of our four-legged friends teach us to appreciate what is really important and to love despite all differences.

A family where diversity is not an obstacle for love. CosmoDoggyCheers for Baby !!!!!

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