Star, When Loyalty Performs A Miracle


This is the story of Star, a pit bull who was injured when protecting her homeless friend, Lech, with whom she lived in the streets of New York. Star was shot in the head when she tried to stop a police officer from approaching Lech, who had fainted on the sidewalk of a street in Manhattan and seemed to be having a seizure.



Against all odds, as evidence that miracles exist, Star survived, found a home, and participated in numerous campaigns to raise awareness and advocate for the protection of animals at risk. Despite undergoing surgery and losing her left eye, after several months of care, she recovered completely and is able to walk, play and eat by herself.

Star was taken to the East Harlem Center for Animal Care and Control for care, and then moved to the Greyhound Adoption Center where she was rehabilitated for several months. Her story did not go unnoticed and thousands of people, touched by the fact that her owner was a person without the financial means to cover the costs of her treatment, organized a fundraiser to pay for it. The crowdfunding campaign went viral on social media and Star received donations that amounted to $10,000 and paid for her medical bills.

Although Lech could not take care of her, her loyalty and selfless love found a new friend, Charlie Cifarelli, who is convinced that Star is a miracle and one of the best things that ever happened to him. Star and Charlie participate together in numerous charity events and awareness campaigns to improve the lives of pets and their humans. However, “the Star effect” went much further. According to Wikipedia, the legacy of Star allowed to start several debates and find solutions to various topics. These include addressing the issue of certain breeds considered dangerous, and reviewing the protocols used by public and security officials to minimize the use of lethal force in situations that involve pets.

Thanks to the fact that thousands of people who value life and loyalty were mobilized through social networks, Star’s story did not go unneeded and contributed positively to the lives of people and their pets.



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