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Welcome to Cosmodoggyland, a trilingual canine magazine dedicated to informing, training, entertaining, and inspiring.

Our desire is to project ourselves beyond content creation and publication and positively influence the lives of our readers, followers, and collaborators by offering:

A channel of communication and a social interaction ecosystem for dog-lovers in English, Spanish, and French

A space for learning, immersion, and communication beyond language barriers

A meeting point and a platform for collaboration for authors, bloggers, professionals, and companies related to the canine world

A hub of entrepreneurs, innovators, and designers committed to making a better, more beautiful and, obviously, more dog-friendly world

Everything we do at Cosmodoggyland is based on our deep love and respect for the canine members of the family and on the values that inspire us.

Connect with community of dog and pet lovers

We love to learn about the stories and experiences of our followers’ pets and would like to know how Cosmodoggyland has inspired you.

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Join us or work with us if you are:

An author, content creator, blogger, community manager or influencer

At Cosmodoggyland, we want to help amplify the voice of those who deserve to be heard and provide opportunities for personal development beyond any barrier. We love for our audience to discover and adopt blogs, media, brands, products, and services while enjoying and finding inspiration in the best stories.

That is why we are excited to connect with collaborators capable of creating and communicating valuable content.

A language teacher, translator or you work in Spanish or French

Cosmodoggyland is a trilingual canine magazine designed to be a resource for learning, connecting, inspiring, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

A veterinary student with superior communication skills; a languages, design or communications student that loves and respects animals; you are thinking about enrolling yourself in a course or starting a career related to the world of pets

We are pleased to help people gain experience, showcase their skills, develop their potential, and make good use of their talents with clear goals and values. Because if they succeed, so do we.

A designer/maker/startup, a brand, professional in a field related to pets, company or business, sponsor/association/organization

We appreciate collaborating to make products and services visible in our magazine and let our followers know how they improve the lives of pets and their families.

For any other proposal, CONTACT US

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