2800W Professional Pet Hair Dryer for Dog & Cat Grooming Blow Speed Hairdryer Blower Heater

2800W Pet Dog Cat Hair Dryer Grooming Blow Speed Hairdryer Blower Heater



1.Electric heated dryer,of a high heating speed and a balanced heat,which can dry pets in a few minutes without hurting pet fur-do.
2.Three different nozzles of different purpose,allows you to deal with different situations for your pets.
3.The modified motor unit that dry pets in a few minutes.
4.Quiet engineered dryer with low noise,suitable for sensitive and small pets.

Power: 2800W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Wind Speed: 25m/s or 65m/s
Temperature: 20°C or 65°C
Hose Length: 0.7 – 2 meters
Cable Length: 2 meters
Size:340*220*164mm/13*8.6*6.4″(L*W*H )
Package Weight:4800g

Package Includes:
1 x Pet Dryer Machine
1 x Connected Tube
3 x Nozzles


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