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  1. Glen P // at //

    Thanks for postinng this

  2. That really looks like a cool place to visit. You always have an interesting angle on things, Eileen.

    • cosmodoggyland // at //

      Thank you so much, Eileen! We are so glad to hear that you enjoy our approach to the different topics. We certainly appreciate your (and Maxwell’s) support always 🙂

  3. I checked and Max is early 70s, not so bad. I looked up my age and the calculator said I should be dead already. Oh well, one out of two’s not bad.

    • cosmodoggyland // at //

      Hahaha! We are sure you will both end up being an exception to the rule. Plus, age means nothing when it comes to being stylish and refined, as Max and our Emma prove constantly! 😀

  4. No! 🙂
    I’d say never, but I can think of a few instances, mainly within the nuclear family where the giver is assuming some control/responsibility of the animal. Otherwise, almost never!

  5. This is so precious. <3 I have two dogs and a cat and they're our babies!

  6. What an informative article! I had no idea there were so many different types of mushing.

  7. Ann J. Navarro // at //

    IN a natural disaster like earth equake ….. we have are responmsbility we take care are animals dog cate rabbit cows and buffallos “”

  8. Es cierto, no hay nada como el amor de un perro ❤️

    • cosmodoggyland // at //


  9. Great post. Happy Holidays

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      Thank you Island Traveler! Happy Holidays to you as well 🙂

  10. Maltese salute!

  11. J’aime me promener sur votre blog. un bel univers agréable. Blog intéressant et bien construit. Vous pouvez visiter mon blog récent. A bientôt.

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      Merci pour votre message Mélina! Votre blog est très beau également. N’hésitez pas à suivre notre blog et visiter nos plus récent articles!

  12. J’aime beaucoup votre blog. Un plaisir de venir flâner sur vos pages. Une belle découverte et blog très intéressant. Je reviendrai m’y poser. N’hésitez pas à visiter mon univers. Au plaisir.

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      Merci pour votre message Angelilie! Votre blog est très beau également. N’hésitez pas à suivre notre blog et visiter nos articles plus récents.

  13. Maltese dogs demand a re-count of the vote!

  14. Well, then, America is wrong. So there.

  15. Maltese salute!

  16. The tales of these hard-working dogs are impressive! Canines have evolved to perform so many useful tasks from personal protection to food location. And then we have the Maltese who have a 5,000 year history of never working a day in their furry little lives. An entire existence based on being cute and a cuddly personal companion. Smart, those guys.

    • Paula // at //

      Smart indeed. I guess they are more than just a pretty face! 🙂

  17. los perros son la onda!

  18. We are glad you have found the information helpful! We always appreciate your input so let us know what other CosmoDoggyLand posts you like! 😀

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  21. nuria // at //


    Tengo una niña que va a cumplir 5 años.
    Tiene ciertos rasgos de Asperger (autismo) y el tema de la socialización y la psicomotricidad son sus puntos más débiles. Sobre todo la socialización.
    Ella es muy cariñosa conmigo, pero no se comunica con los demás niños.
    Vivimos en un piso y yo trabajo de mañanas. Además tengo algo de alergia a los perros y gatos.

    Podríais recomendarme un perro que la ayudara a socializarse, a hablar con el perrito, a enseñarle cosas y contarle a los demás sobre su perro, … en fin, a socializarla y, además, que pudiera estar solo 5 horitas por la mañana, sin que ladre a todas horas y no suelte mucho pelo?
    Igual es mucho pedir… uf…
    Gracias por adelantado

  22. Animal // at //

    la alimentación y la vida que haya tenido nuestro can es muy importante para su futuro.

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  24. Un post realmente interesante!

  25. Muy buenos consejos! Muchas gracias!

  26. Hi Colin,

    Thank you so much for your message! We are so glad you find our posts useful 🙂 We appreciate your support and feedback. Happy Holidays!

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  29. Thank you very much for your comments! We love Ricochet as well!!!

  30. Anonymous // at //

    Even though I'm a cat person, I've followed Ricochet on facebrook. Very good article.


  31. Anonymous // at //

    I love Ricochet!!!!

  32. Juan Roman // at //

    hola, espero que le llegue a alguien.
    regalo mi perro por motivos personales supongo que este es el mejor sitio donde poder darlo y que este bien cuidado es mestizo de labrador es muy parecido a labrador husky.
    tiene mucha fuerza y mucha energía siempre que sale no para de correr.
    soy de gandia España.
    espero la respuesta de alguien gracias.

  33. Thank you Teddy Bears for your great feedback! We will be finding more stories to share with you 🙂

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  35. Ruca // at //

    It's wonderful to hear this sort of news!

  36. It is! No living creature deserves what he was put through and, hopefully, Patrick's law will help make a difference in the lives of many more!

  37. Anonymous // at //

    that first view of him on the table is SO appalling!! it is good to see him later with his little sweaters/coats, warm blankies and soft toys. i am delighted to know he recovered and very encouraged by the passing of Patrick's law.

  38. Thank you very much for your comment Denise! Indeed, this is amazing news. Animal cruelty is a very serious issue and we strongly believe that creating awareness is the first step to take in order to put an end to it. We are sending CosmoDoggyHugs your way!

  39. amazing that there is only one comment…… this is good news for all animals. I'm very happy and I hope Patrick is doing well! many hugs from Holland!

  40. Thank you Lara! They look adorable, don't they?

  41. Lara // at //

    Love the pics!

  42. Thank you. We are glad you enjoyed reading our article. It is a wonderful story!

  43. Anonymous // at //

    I didn't take the chance of watching the video but the article impressed me !

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