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If you want to become your own boss with an animal-related career or start a business in the pet industry, there are plenty of opportunities to turn passion into profit without maxing out your budget. From recommending pet products, to starting your own online pet shop website, sharing knowledge can lead to income. Pass on your skills through your own paid online dog groomer course and teach how to do the right Maltese puppy haircut style, offer dog training free lessons, or select and open the best pet franchise, there is always someone that sees the value in what you offer.

To help you get started, we created a list of business ideas that require almost nothing more than your love for animals. To make it easy to explore these low cost pet business ideas available to you, we organized them according to what you need to have in terms of knowledge, investment, and time.

3 Essential Steps To Coming Up With The Best Pet Business Idea

1. Dog Walker

Becoming a dog walker is a good start for anyone looking to delve into the pet industry as an independent worker at a very low cost.

Since it is a very popular and easy business to launch, you will need to find a way to set your service apart from the competition. Putting up flyers around your neighborhood is a common way to get the word out, but an online presence describing your services can make a big difference. A competitive price, a nice welcome message in your phone and being always available to answer questions could help you to start and gain clients.

As a dog lover, your empathy will play a key role in your success. However, some online courses on dog behavior, basic dog training, and pet first aid can help you gain the proper jargon and basic technical skills to reassure your clients that their fur babies are in good hands. Visit our Academy to find the courses you need to advance your skills.

Being a dog walker is a great business if you are outdoorsy, love to exercise, and do not mind working in different weather conditions.

You can start with a single service and later expand your business offering with other services as you acquire new skills. You can also partner with other pet professionals who are in business already to offer complementary services. Click To Tweet

Why Working With Animals Always Pays Off

2. Pet sitter

A very popular business for those starting out is pet sitter. Pet sitters can offer their services at client’s homes or at their own place. As a sitter, your services often consist on providing regular care to pets during weekdays. This could include feeding, walking, and performing basic health related duties, such as giving medication or a treatment, given that the owner is unavailable to do so.

Most of your clients will be pet owners who are out of the house for long periods of time, seniors who need help to take care of their pets, kennels, and shelters that need extra hands to provide their services.

Having a love for animals and patience are key for any person interested in becoming a pet sitter. Also, having knowledge of pet first aid as well as basic pet health and pet behavior management could be the reason why some clients choose your business over your competitors. Taking specialty courses that teaches you how to care for different species such as:

and other pets could help you find your niche.

For most pet owners, pets are members of the family, so when searching for a pet sitter, they usually prefer those that can show that they have previous experience taking care of pets. If you never had a pet, you can get some valuable experience as a volunteer in an animal rescue organization.

You can always grow your business by combining pet sitting with other services, such as washing, massaging, basic canine education, pet transportation, and any other solution that your can think of as you uncover other client needs.

Again, creating an online profile and being ready to provide tips and answer questions will help you build authority in your field and promote your business offering valuable information to prospects who could eventually become your… Click To Tweet

3. Pet Daycare

If you have a room to spare in your house, you can offer pet daycare service, so your clients can leave their pets with you when they are not at home. Since they want to be sure that their pets will be happy and safe in their absence, many daycares provide live video cams that pet owners can access to monitor their pets.

As a pet daycare owner, you are in charge of overseeing, feeding, washing, treating injures, and keeping pets active as your day-to-day operations.

You will be responsible for the care of animals in your facilities, so contact your insurance broker to ensure that you are covered for any problems that could arise.

A pet first aid certification, and knowledge about pet care, behavior management, and how to keep pets active and stimulated could help you find clients.

Many pet owners are concerned about their pets being exposed to diseases, infections, parasites, etc. when in contact with other animals. Thus, make sure that you are aware of these health conditions and their causes to keep your clients assured that you take all the necessary steps to avoid these issues and inform them about the hygiene practices and protocols that you have put in place to prevent contagions. A veterinary could be a perfect partner to help you prevent and overcome health issues in your pet daycare facilities.

Starting a pet daycare is a good stepping stone for starting your own pet boarding service or pet hotel, which are some of the most profitable businesses in the pet industry. Click To Tweet

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