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Hello! Thank you for granting us this interview!

We know that our readers will appreciate learning more about starting or running a business, so we will do our best to convey your enthusiasm, inform and inspire them to take action.

Hence, this interview consists of the following online questionnaire, which can be answered whenever is most convenient for you.

Once we receive your answers, we will write an article compiling the information provided and we will send you a link to the article, so you can see it before it is published. It is for this reason that it is important to write your e-mail address at the top of the questionnaire.

If you would like us to contact you to explore other forms of collaboration or to discuss translating your interview to other languages, there is a space at the end of the questionnaire where you can indicate your preferred contact method.

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Terms & Conditions To Participate

By pressing the “Submit” button, I accept the following:

  1. Access to Cosmodoggyland.com does not grant users any type of ownership over the intellectual property of its contents.
  2. All information, comments, suggestions or ideas, provided by e-mail, online or through other means, will be considered to have been provided for free.
  3. All information provided with or without our request does not include any type of sensitive, personal or confidential information.
  4. The user or collaborator agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any of the content, access to the site or contact without our written permission.
  5. Submitted information will not contain any computer virus or other malware that may affect in any way or circumvent the security features of this or any related website.

Cosmodoggyland.com reserves the right to:

  1. Use or reuse in publications, online or in other media this information and/or, where appropriate, images, videos, audios or any other form of content that is provided.
  2. Edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate, modify or use without restrictions the content resulting from all information, comments, suggestions or ideas sent to us.

Cosmodoggyland.com is not and will not be obligated to:

  1. Keep any information or data confidential, since no type of personal or sensitive information is required.
  2. Pay for any comments, information and/or content provided.
  3. Publish any content that is not in line with our values ​​or editorial line.
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