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We know that our readers will appreciate learning more about different dog breeds and their characteristics in terms of health, grooming, nutrition, and training, so our goal is to gather advice from dog owners to share knowledge, inspire and help current or future dog owners.

Please provide us with 3 tips on how you care for your fur baby that we can share with other dog parents in the designated spots in the below form. The topics can include:

  • Training
  • Travel experiences
  • Fur care/Grooming
  • Fashion/Hairstyling
  • Activities/Sports

Once we receive your recommendation, we will write breed-specific articles compiling the information provided and we will send you a link to the article. It is for this reason that it is important to write your e-mail address at the beginning of the questionnaire.

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Terms & Conditions To Participate

By pressing the “Submit” button, I accept the following:

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  2. All information, comments, suggestions or ideas, provided by e-mail, online or through other means, will be considered to have been provided for free.
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Cosmodoggyland.com reserves the right to:

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Cosmodoggyland.com is not and will not be obligated to:

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