5 Ways of Preventing Respiratory Problems During Travel

So that vacations are fun for the whole family!

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As you plan your next pet-friendly adventure, keep in mind that being surrounded by new environments, smells, and climates can be very exciting for our furry friends. However, these changes could also trigger respiratory symptoms that, even though they could be simply due your dog’s immune system adapting, could negatively affect your trip.

So that the whole family can take a break and feel renewed while on vacation, check out these 5 causes of respiratory problems in dogs so you can prepared ahead of time:


1. Allergies

One of the most common problems dogs experience are allergies, like for example respiratory tract allergies. Click To Tweet The main symptoms of such allergies are: sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and a runny nose and/or eyes. Keep in mind that these symptoms may simply be due to your dog’s immune system adapting to weather and other changes, however there are certain breeds that are more prone to allergies. There are also many other types of allergies your dog could be experiencing, such as skin allergies, and food allergies.

There are many medications as well as more holistic supplements or natural treatments that help prevent and help manage allergies. It is also useful to know that there are many factors that increase the risk of respiratory difficulty as well and can, therefore, exacerbate allergy symptoms. So make sure to consult your vet before going on your trip, so you are not caught off-guard during your big adventure.

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2. Obesity

This condition play a big role in dogs’ breathing capabilities. Obese dogs are at a higher risk of developing respiratory problems and heart disease. Click To TweetThis is due to the fact that their chest cavity is strained due to fat deposits. Therefore, whenever the dog breathes, the lungs have difficulty expanding fully. This also inhibits the heart’s function. So, if your dog is obese, you might have a higher chance of having to deal with these symptoms and risks during your vacation.

The good things is that there ways to help revert and prevent obesity and it’s never too late to change your dog’s lifestyle to ensure longevity and a better quality of life. There are also many breeds that are more prone to obesity, so keeping that mind can help you prevent this condition well in advance.

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3. Appearance & Conformation

Certain physical characteristics also impact breathing because some smaller breeds, especially those with shorter muzzles and large eyes are more likely to develop eye problems as well as respiratory issues of all kinds. Click To Tweet So, if your dog fits this description, you might want to visit your vet to determine possible supplements or activities that might help your dogs strengthen their breathing capabilities to try to counteract their natural predisposition and thus ensure a seamless dog-friendly vacation and a healthier life for your pup.

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4. Kennel Cough (or Tracheobronchitis)

Kennel Cough is one of the most prevalent respiratory diseases dogs can contract, and it’s easily treatable. Click To Tweet It is an infectious disease caused by several airborne bacteria and viruses. It is generally believed that most cases are due to the Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria but it has also been associated with the canine distemper virus (CDV) and canine parainfluenza. The most common cause of infection is being around other dogs, hence its name, since dogs spend a lot of time around each other in kennels.

The symptoms include: dry cough, coughs exposing white foamy discharges, conjunctivitis, nasal discharge, breathing difficulty or more. Although this condition is rarely serious, almost never life-threatening and it usually rest resolves itself after one to two weeks, it is recommended that you consult your vet immediately if your dog exhibits these symptoms.

So if you are considering leaving your dog in a kennel during your trip or taking him along with you, talking to your vet before-hand can help you find methods of preventing this illness. If you end up bringing your dog with you, there are some additional things you can do to prevent exposure such as interacting with other dogs only in open spaces and ensuring your always travels in a well-ventilated vehicle.


5. Travel Anxiety & Motion Sickness

Respiratory strain is not always due to allergies or to physical condition. Click To TweetWhen it comes to travelling, whether it’s by land, sea, or air, and regardless of the length of the trip, difficulty breathing could be due to many other factors such as dog travel anxiety and motion sickness. The good thing is that there are many ways to detect, help manage, and prevent these conditions such as making sure that your dogs are keep cool and in a well-ventilated place during travel, as well as slowly training them to handle long trips.

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As you see, although there are many causes for respiratory issues, there are luckily many ways to correct, manage, or completely prevent the latter. So, if you want to take your furry family moments along on adventures with you, there is no reason to have to leave them behind, because there are many tools and tricks available to ensure that every family member has a fun, memorable pet-friendly vacation. For more pet-friendly travel tips subscribe to our travel section!


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